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The most correct breeding method for poodles.

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Poodle basic feeding point.

Food nutrition

Standard poodle: it requires a large amount of amino acid and propyl aniline to synthesize protein, as well as sufficient minerals. The lack of these substances in diet produces pigmentation of the skin, mouth and hair. If these nutrients are not sufficient, they will turn the color of their back hair into orange and lose their luster and gum relaxation. Recommended food recipes: sources of cereals include wheat and corn, and meat sources include poultry, fish, and pork.

Miniature poodle: Germany is the origin of the mini-poodle, and its source of nutrition should be from the black forest to the Baltic sea. Recommended foods include fish, poultry, pork, venison, potatoes, cauliflower, wheat and corn.

Toy poodle: studies have found that calcium molecules in beef bone meal can cause anorexia in toy poodles, but the calcium molecules in the shell are suitable. The fats, soluble vitamins A and vitamin D in palmitate and cod liver oil are also well suited, except for vegetables that contain beta-carotene. The toy poodle originated in central France and is recommended for food: horse meat and flax, wheat, oats, beets, and corn. Don't feed rice, soy or avocado.

Modelling of nursing

The poodle is fluffy and curly, so it's best to comb it regularly so that it doesn't tie the knot, and it's also a good way to maintain a nice curl.

Poodles are the most complicated and the most hairy. In order to participate in the exhibition, it should be trimmed according to certain specifications, so that it can not be cut casually so as not to affect the beauty.

Head smaller dogs, in order to make up for the shortcomings, leaving the hair on the head, and cut into round, and neck down coat to nature, hair to keep long ears, so head becomes larger and beautiful.

For dogs with larger heads, the hair should be cut short, while the hair on the neck should not be cut short.

A dog with a long face should be trimmed with a round nose to emphasize the point.

Small eye dog, should cut the hair of upper eyelid two lines about, this ability can enlarge the effect of eye circle.

A dog with a short neck can improve its shape by trimming the hair of the neck, while the hair in the middle of the neck is cut deeper, which makes the neck feel more like a minister.

The body length of the dog, after the chest or the rear of the rear of the hair cut short, using a coiling machine to loosen the body's hair, will make the body appear shorter.

Fat dog, the best is to cut short of body hair, limbs cut into stick, can make the body appear thin.

Daily care

Poodles like to exercise, and should maintain daily outdoor activities and walks, for example, to guide him to play in the yard and to walk in a brisk pace every day.

The poodle is so afraid of loneliness that he always likes to be with people. If he is busy at work, it is better to find a dog companion. Otherwise it's very likely to get depressed.

In the case of the health of the poodle, it is necessary to observe carefully every day, especially the following aspects: whether the mental state is normal or not, whether it is inactive or not. The moisture level of the nasal pads is normal or not; Whether the body temperature is normal, have the symptom of fever; Whether there is a decrease in appetite; Whether the stool is normal, whether there is loose or closed knot phenomenon; Whether the bark is normal, whether there is a voice hoarse and other laryngitis, if there are signs of illness, that should be targeted treatment.

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