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How to care for shitty?

Release date:2016-08-07 Author: Click:

The shetty dog is very similar to the Scottish sheepdog, both of which say that it is a miniature version of sumu, and the shetty is very clever, and the coat is very long and thick. So how do you care during the shitty change?

First of all, in the process of shetland growth life, first appeared in MAO's time is the childhood, starting from the shetland sheepdog puppy 3 months or so commonly, it's tun hair will begin to fall off, and then spread to the whole body lanugo rained. The process of shedding and changing hair will last about one year or so. 7-8 months of shetland lanugo will have all, until the age of 1 whole in the basic end of the new process, Chen until shetland 2 years of age, the number of skin hair and thick degree reached its peak.

Second, in addition to changing the hair, there will also be normal seasonal shedding during the spring and autumn season. This process usually lasts about 25 days. This seasonal depilation is also for better adaptation to climate change. However, in the process of changing the hair, we must take care of science. Make sure the change is smooth and shiny and shiny.

The first step in the grooming period is to strengthen daily dog care. For example: at least 2 times each day, remove dirt and dirt from the hair, and remove the hair that has been removed but adhered to the dog. If you can, massage your body properly, which can boost the blood circulation of the dog and make the new hair more shiny and tough.

The growth of dog hair requires adequate protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Therefore, it is important to eat and drink in the process of changing the hair of the shetland sheepdog. It's important to prepare some high-protein foods, and pay attention to those foods that are strong and salty during the change of hair, so don't give them to the dog.

Pay more attention to your dog's diet, so that you can have a balanced diet, not only during the grooming period, but also in your daily life.

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