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Tibetan mastiffs often make mistakes.

Release date:2017-08-11 Author: Click:

What mistakes the Tibetan mastiff often makes:

1, bone is an essential part of the Tibetan mastiff in the food, but a lot of mastiff friends all like chicken to feed, Tibetan mastiff large dog breeds such as needs is actually can eating chunks of animal bones, such as bone, these bones are rich in bone marrow and calcium material, large dogs help, especially in the teeth of the young mastiff develops extremely helpful. And the chicken frame this kind belongs to the sharp broken bone, very easily pricks the throat of the mastiff and intestines and stomach, is extremely dangerous to the dog.

2. Eggs are also the food that mastiff friends often add to their food. But many people believe that raw eggs than cooked nutrition is good, can directly use raw eggs to feed, or after the food cooked again dozen eggs mix into, actually this is wrong, raw eggs would occur and the Tibetan mastiff vitamin offset each other, feeding raw eggs for a long time, can produce enormous destruction to the mastiff's fur. And cooked eggs have a great complement to the nutrition of the mastiff.

Milk is a good nutritional supplement, especially for young mastiffs. However, it is important to remember that milk must be made with sugar-free skim milk, which can cause gastrointestinal irritation, diarrhea and dehydration in dogs. Also, dogs must not be fed milk during illness. It is recommended to add bone powder to the milk to be especially good for the young mastiff.

4, animal internal organs is the most like to eat things mastiffs, nutrition is also very good, but not excessive, otherwise it will cause toxic reaction, serious still can affect the growth of the bone, and difficult to treat. Adult mastiff can be used for three weeks.

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