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Dont bathe the dog in six cases

Release date:2016-08-12 Author: Click:

Bathing is fun, but the dog is advised not to bathe the dog in the following state:

The dog after the vaccination.

Just after the vaccine dog within a week can take a bath, because this time the dog's resistance is poor, energizer also don't bring your dog go out activities, if parents think the dog is so dirty, dry powder is a good choice.

2. Mother dog in labor and lactation.

Dogs shed a lot of hair during pregnancy and lactation, especially for long-haired dogs. So give the dog a bath before the time comes, the dog is dirty in the moon and the bath is worse, the hair will be more serious! Parents are the best in front of the dog in cut off the dog shit strands of hair around, to ensure that the dog smooth production and postpartum health care, or production ass after MAO will defiled with blood, and also can't give the dog a bath.

3. A dog with weak body condition.

Dog and elderly, recovering from ailing dog is not appropriate to take a bath, if caused by bathing a cold, it's worse, if a dog is too dirty parents can choose dry powder or for a dog with a towel to wipe it.

The dog has just eaten.

If a dog has just had a meal, a sudden shower of skin will expand, leaving less blood flowing to the stomach, causing a dog to suffer indigestion and lower blood sugar, and to faint.

You should not shower immediately after strenuous exercise.

As a result, the blood is still in the extremities and muscles, and it is easy for the heart and brain to be deprived of blood, which is harmful to health.

It is not suitable for dogs to bathe in rainy days and especially humid weather.

It is not suitable for a dog to bathe in a thunderstorm. After the dog has washed, the pore will open, the natural oil on the hair will decrease, which will not recover in a short time, the most will be ignored by the parents, and cause the disease.

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