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What about samoyed not eating dog food?

Release date:2016-08-13 Author: Click:

What about samoyed not eating dog food? In theory, the samoyed puppies will be able to eat hard food for about two months. If the Samoan puppy is not used to it, it can be softened with boiled water, milk or soup before being fed to the dog.

What about samoyed not eating dog food? In order to meet the needs of rapid development, the puppy must be allowed to eat as many high-calorie foods as possible. But if you eat too much fat, you can easily damage your digestive organs. So you can remove the fat from meat and feed it, or you can eat less meat and other fatty foods.

What about samoyed not eating dog food? The size of each samo is not exactly the same, and it can be fed a little more at first, depending on how much food is left over. You can increase the feeding amount as the puppy grows. Feeding should be adjusted once every 3 weeks according to the feeding conditions of the puppies.

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