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Can a golden retriever in summer eat cold?

Release date:2017-08-15 Author: Click:

Can a golden retriever in summer eat cold?

Cold beer

Go with the golden retriever? Hold on! Beer is for your golden retriever, is can't touch, unless you want to be dead set a drooping beer belly, with small steps, no wine don't move chopsticks, dizzy paste wine scent all day golden retriever. When you return home, it will not welcome you like other vulgar golden horses, but look at you with eyes and eyes. "daddy, will you come to Qingdao or yanjing today?"

2. The ice cream

Although I can't resist the temptation of ice cream, golden hair doesn't eat much ice cream. Eating some ice cream at the end of the day can help reduce the body's temperature, but the ice cream is too much of a golden stomach. How do you control that? The way to do it: eat the ice cream and lick the box.

Iced drinks

Iced drinks are not a bit of a golden retriever, the key is a degree. Too cool things to stimulate the stomach and the digestive system diseases, it seems that it can not be greedy for a while.

4. The watermelon

As the saying goes, "better than jiaozi", it is winter, in summer the saying should be changed to "delicious but watermelon," golden retriever right amount to eat some watermelon can heat dissipation good, if you will be ready to eat many toilet paper!

5. Iced yogurt

Milk is the perfect food, yogurt is not only good taste, but also higher nutritional value, frozen yogurt is the temptation of summer. If golden retriever who doesn't drink milk at holding yogurt can drink enough, then it will be a while in the bathroom is enough, because in the intestinal enzyme digest milk is by stimulating will increase, the milk also seems to be gradual.

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