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How long can a dog take a shower after a vaccination?

Release date:2016-08-21 Author: Click:

The weather is hot, these two days to take the dog to get a vaccine, how long can you give the dog to take a bath?

Best seven days later to take a bath, don't wash, within a week because of weak vaccines are poisonous plants, like our childhood kind of vaccinia, want to use the body's immune system to show restraint and have restrained the substance of the virus, but once the bath accidentally caught a cold cause discomfort, weak poison will not get effective vaccine immune, it will get sick ~

Do not like to use dry powder, wipe with the wet paper towel that has germicidal composition, wipe dry with dry towel is ok.

The dog's vaccine is the virus, the germ of a variety of dogs, and the purpose of the injection is to produce the corresponding antibodies in the dog. However, before the antibody is normally produced, dogs need very good physical and thermal energy to resist the bacteria that are injected into the body. This is the time to shower the dog with a lot of heat and energy, so that the dog does not have enough energy and heat to resist the vaccine and produce antibodies in the body. The vaccine, which is injected into the dog, forms a lesion in the body that causes the dog to become ill.

If the dog is too dirty, it can be 45 to 60 days after the dog is vaccinated. Give the dog a bath if he is healthy and does not have a fever.

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