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Why nibble after a puppy weaned?

Release date:2016-08-21 Author: Click:

When the puppy is weaned, it develops rapidly and is lively and lovely. Items in the home bedroom, such as slippers, children's toys, leather sofas, clothes, and human fingers, are all bites of the puppy's taste, sometimes biting off items.

The reason is that the teeth are growing, and the teeth need to be constantly exercised to make them stronger and better to feed on their teeth.

Don't ban the natural behavior of the puppy, but it can be properly guided to benefit both the owner and the puppy. At present, there are many on the market to make "shoes", "dog chew bones, bone stick" made "red, green, yellow color and dog stick, red meat as raw material, green vegetables, yellow for the production of food, very suitable for puppies and adult dogs bite, both health and good for tooth development. If the host is well-trained, it also gives the puppy the chance to learn new movements and obey commands.

Pay attention to the quality of dog bites and dog sticks.

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