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How does labrador breed?

Release date:2017-03-02 Author: Click:

Labrador is a very balanced and very comprehensive breed, gentle, intelligent and obedient, easy to train, active, loyal and obedient. Suitable for many functions as well as good pets. Do you know anything about labrador breeding? Have you had any experience in labrador reproduction? Take a look at the labrador breeding program.

Labrador retriever reach sexual maturity about 12 months, 18 months mature, to mature body can be breeding, the spring and autumn heat twice a year, pregnancy 58-65 days, every 4 ~ 6 only. Labrador is one of the top three non-aggressive dogs with golden retrievers and huskies. In the American kennel club, labrador is currently the most registered variety.

Labrador is known for its mature breed and excellent domestic companion dog, but some blood systems are characterized by fast speed and strong build. Their very lively, playful and fearless personality can sometimes lead to injury, which may require training and strong traction to ensure that they do not break free of human control.

Conclusion: don't disturb the labrador when mating, just sit quietly and watch, and help when necessary. Be careful not to interrupt your labrador.

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