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What is the preparation for keeping pets?

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Keeping pets is not as simple as buying ordinary clothes and appliances. Pets and humans need to have a certain degree of fit and sense of responsibility. Only if the conditions fit, can we add happiness to life. Before we decide to keep pets, it is necessary for us to make a simple self-test to see if we are ready for the arrival of the little ones.

Although fluffy pet treasures are very cute and adorable, there are certain benefits to our physical and mental health. However, keeping a pet is not as simple as buying an ordinary garment or home appliance. According to a survey conducted by experts in the pet industry in China, pets and humans also need to have a certain degree of fit and responsibility. Only if the conditions fit, can pets add happiness to life. On the contrary, this behavior can become a painful thing. So, before deciding to keep a pet, you might as well make a necessary simple self-test to see if you are ready for the arrival of the little ones.

1. Do you have enough financial capacity to keep a pet?

While there is no absolute standard for the cost of keeping a pet, it is not a small amount of money to spend more than a month before a pet is kept. Like this cover special fee, a few pet owners are collected from the basic of the cost of buying, food costs, vaccination, to toys, snacks and daily cleaning and beauty care product, only pets will increase to a certain extent the daily household spending. If a pet is sick, a drug can cost hundreds of dollars at a time, and the cost could rise to thousands of dollars if you accidentally injure yourself with a knife. Therefore, the ability of the economy and the financial budget of the family is an important factor to be considered seriously.

2. Do you have enough love and tolerance to take care of a pet?

Familiar with pet knows that a pet's life expectancy but more than a decade, although compared with humans, pet's life is very short, but with more than ten years of joy at the same time, pet owners have to assume the responsibility of more than ten years. Ask yourself if you can consistently accompany your pet through all stages of growth. Once you become the master of them, you need to accompany their pets through childhood like a baby, and must also accompany the arthritic period like they experience such as care for the elderly, and need to be prepared to suffer losing love dandle. In a nutshell, from the time the pet enters the house, the owner will be able to share and bear all kinds of preparation for life, age, sickness and death. Keeping a pet is like choosing to have more family members, and we need to treat them with the same kind of care we have with our family.

3. Do you have enough time to spend with your pets?

Since most pet owners will choose the newborn "little" to go home, and those in its infancy, pets are more or less need to master in a period of time to spend more time and energy to take care of them. For example, dogs under three months of age have to be fed a small amount of food, three or four times a day, due to a weak stomach. In other words, every four to six hours, the host needs to be fed carefully. In addition, due to the weak resistance of young pets, the risk of disease is also high, which also requires the owner to spend more time and spirit to pay attention to the situation of caring for the young. On the other hand, when pets grow up, they still need a certain amount of exercise daily. As a pet owner, you need to consider whether you can have enough time or energy to go out and exercise in your spare time. On the other hand, prospective owners need to consider whether or not they will be taken care of at home because of frequent business trips. Want to know, frequent boarding is not a long-term solution, help a friend or pet store because of the long-term lack of master loving companionship or has long been in tiny cages pets are very susceptible to physical and psychological diseases.

Do you have enough patience to tolerate and tame a pet?

Most pets, like small children, make a small mistake every now and then. Therefore, to be a qualified pet owner, you also need to have enough patience and tolerance to tolerate them. If small hamster, tropical fish such pet will not cause too much trouble, but the cat, the dog dog so that some of the activities in the home bigger pet pet owners will need to test the patience and endurance. Have not yet learned, for example, fixed point discharge, puppies have less self-control, more frequently, which requires the host is very patient to take newspaper behind his ass ready, or an action immediately carried it to the designated place to start learning point discharge. Usually, one or two studies are far from enough, and it takes a lot of time to remember the point. In addition to excretion, there are many problems in keeping pets, which also require a certain amount of time and patience. Even if owners don't ask their pets to learn to shake hands and kiss such "stunts," many of the training that matches their home environment is still necessary. Can't disorderly to pick up the food on the ground, for example, food, can't jump on the sofa or bed, can't can't yell loudly, in his eating to beg for food, can't disorderly bite, etc., to solve these problems are all pet owners need patience to face the "challenges".

Do your family love pets as much as you do?

In addition to people living alone, the addition of pets can affect and change the living environment of the whole family, so the opinions of each family are also important to be considered. If you buy a pet blindly, you will probably have a family dispute over how to keep your pet or how to raise it. Family, on the other hand, if there are afraid of noisy, dirty, or even be afraid that the habit of an animal, or whether there is allergic to the pet hair and reaction condition and so on, is one of the important problems affect pets. So, before deciding whether to raise a pet, you must first ask your family for advice on whether they are as fit as you and enjoy living with their pets.

Self-assessment: according to the advice of pet experts, if there are three or more answers in the above self-test, it is generally not recommended to keep pets. If one or two of the responses are negative, it is suggested to consider appropriate coordination of improvement or postponement of the related "pet project". In addition, for the home have a baby or under the age of five children, the elderly, pregnant women, and is receiving treatment in severe cases, especially patients with a history of allergies, usually don't suggest keeping pets.

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