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Jiangxi Huaheng Pet Food Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise specialized in the research and development, production, sales and registration of pet foods, supplies and pet toys and approved by CIQ of China Inspection and Epidemic Administration.

With excellent product quality, a wide range of products and competitive price advantages, the products sell well in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other developed countries and regions


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  • shelti

    The Shetland sheepdog, named Shetland sheepdog, is named Shetland sheepdog. In ancient times, the shetland sheepdog was ...

  • Scottish sheepdog

    The Scottish sheepdog is the star of a spiritual dog: some are loved by people who are petite and beautiful, and some ar...

  • Border Collie

    Border Collie is native to the Scottish Border, as one of the Collie, strong shepherd instinct, nature, intelligent, goo...

  • Samoyeds dog

    The samoyed dog, named after the Siberian huskies and moans, has been used to pull sleds and watch reindeer. The samoyed...

Learn more about pet health
Learn more about pet health

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Jiangxi huaheng pet food co. LTD.

Domestic business department: 0792-4206887 international business department: 86 792 420 6666,  86-792 420 6555.

Domestic email: huaheng@huaheng.cc: huaheng@huaheng.cc.

Company address: donghuan road, south district, ruichang city, jiangxi province.

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